Why it matters

Tourism represents today a key sector of the European economy. Given its potential, tourism should develop its capacity to generate benefits for the whole society in fields such as employment, wealth generation, culture, sustainability and environment. Thanks to their enterprise model, cooperatives represent an important source of inspiration for a more responsible and people-centered tourism. Several cooperatives all around Europe are already offering a sustainable and innovative tourism experience.

Cooproute cooperatives and museums offer a sustainable and innovative tourist experience all around Europe: they preserve local cultural and industrial heritage while promoting the history and values of the cooperative movement, with great care for youths.

The purpose of Cooproute is also to contribute to economic regeneration and job creation in declining and rural contexts by boosting locally-rooted economic activities run by cooperatives, especially those of young people.


Why to choose Cooproute destinations
  • MAKE IT ORIGINAL: Get out of the mainstream tourism!
  • BE RESPONSIBLE: Choose local enterprises committed to the sustainability of their communities!
  • ENJOY A LEARNING EXPERIENCE: take part in a full immersion in cooperative values and discover how cooperatives preserve the cultural and industrial heritage of the European regions.
  • PUTTINGUS ALL AT THE HEART: Cooperatives are jointly owned and democratically controlled by people themselves ; discover places through their eyes!
  • CHALLENGE YOUR MIND: Plan your next trip around Europe or get to know your own region with a cooperative approach!