ôkhra scic sa, Conservatoire des ocres et de la couleur

Ôkhra is located in a former ochre factory built in 1921. Business stopped in 1963. Renovation started with Ôkhra in 1994. Set up as an association, Ôkhra changed status in 2005 to become a social cooperative (SCIC, société cooperative d’intérêt collectif in French). Today the company is gathering 9 employees and 250 cooperators (companies, artisans, clients, suppliers, volunteers and local authorities). Ôkhra’s aim is to promote arts, sciences and professions of colour. It defines itself as a cultural cooperative open to all generations of visitors and professionals dedicated to sharing resources and transmission of knowledge and know-how for anything to do with colour. The cooperative is located in the area of Roussillon, a small town of 1300 inhabitants in the south of France’s Natural Parc of Luberon. This is a rural area where unemployment is over than 13%.
Tourism Attractiveness 
For the past 20 years, Ôkhra has been developing links between the actors of colour by bringing them together for various exhibitions, conferences, training sessions and meetings. A new economic development project started this year: "Matières & Couleurs Luberon Provence" this project gathers companies, cooperative associations, university and local authorities. We aim to develop the colour sector in Provence. Ôkhra cooperative is well-know in the colour community as well as in the multi-stakeholder model cooperative community. Documentaries and television reports are made every year on Ôkhra, both for ochre and for the cooperative model.
How we promote cooperatives’ values and culture 
The cooperative status (SCIC) is reminded in every documentation of ôkhra. We also explain what it means to visitors during visits and workshops. With the new project "Matières et Couleurs Luberon Provence", communication is taking place in cooperation with 6 partners of common touristic interest in order to encourage visitors to move within our region.
Mother tongue 
Languages spoken 
French, English
Availability for visits 
on a daily basis
Car (good road connection)
Airport in the proximity
Other facilities 
coffee bar
exhibition areas
recreation and entertainment facilities
colour's workhop
Facilities for Disabled people 
ramps for wheelchairs
reserved parking spaces
adapted doorways
toilet facilities

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