Andria was founded in 1975 in Correggio as a cooperative building dwellings. Over the years, the cooperative has allowed many families to buy their first home and has gained an interesting experience, progressively equipping the original know-how. In 1990 the statute was changed and a new name was adopted: “Andria”, inspired by the name of an ideal city by the famous writer Italo Calvino. The Cooperative dwelling has turned into a “cooperative of inhabitants”: there are no houses at the heart of the work, but people with their needs, desires and dreams. To achieve this change, some elements had a strategic role: listening, participation, sharing. The cooperative of inhabitants wanted to develop the spontaneous participation model, which often produces a lot of enthusiasm and innovative ideas. The cooperative of inhabitants is a model of "organized participation" based on safety and transparency in decision-making, strategic objectives, quantity and quality of results. Information: 5639 members, 2417 dwellings, 39 apartments for rent for immigrant families, 7 children's centers and 3 social facilities 1 apartment for free loan to the Foundation "Dopo di Noi" 4 projects selected in participatory planning INU - WWF 1996 The cooperative is based on the work of 14 employees.
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In order to pursue this mission, the cooperative emphasized some expertise : listening, participation, sharing. All these elements contributed to the cooperativeì's uniqueness. In time, different innovative projects have been developed: -“ CASE PER GIO.CO”: Evolutionary houses for young couples, partially self-constructible. In 2002 the project gained honorable mention at the World Habitat Awards. - (Houses or ever): houses to be rented at low social rates to non-European workers and struggling families. To prove its efficacy, the project will be suggested for implementation in other areas. - (Living a park): while planning new districts, the cooperative has been trying to give shape to a life-style focused on harmony between environment and social life. - (Recovery of disused areas): We have been working to transform spaces into “urban places”, filling them with interest and meaningfulness. With the help of artisans, artists and experts, we have accomplished important projects of urban requalification. -”CORIANDOLINE”_ Boy and girl-friendly houses: A little district planned and implemented in the city of Correggio. It fulfilled the housing needs pointed out by some kindergartens children from Correggio and Rio Saliceto. As a result of this project, Andria gained the Peggy Guggenheim 2001 Award and the Certificate of Merit Sodalitas Social Award 2009. Andria offers guided tours to all these districts, focusing on different topics according to the visitors’ interests.
How we promote cooperatives’ values and culture 
Movement of ideas and opinions The Cooperative has produced culture through its own research and work. It has set up collaborations with artists, writers, architects, technicians, who have enriched the understanding and quality of the projects. This experience has been shared with all other similar entities working critically and constructively, mainly through meetings and discussions. Andria’s ideas and projects have been presented in Universities, research institutions and at conventions. We have created a Cooperative for Dwellers which listens and gathers up the needs, desires and dreams from the dwellers and transforms them into reality in the territory. Over time this has also contributed with concrete content to the idea of the Cooperative of Dwellers. The working horizon has been broadened and a Social Housing management model, considered the most effective in all Italy, has been implemented.
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