Arcadia Cooperativa Sociale di Solidarietà

ARCADIA is a multi-utility social cooperative which has been active in the working world of Liguria since 2004 and counts about 80 associates so far. Arcadia is mainly a mutual and non-profit social cooperative. While promoting and developing cooperation, it abides by the principle of mutualism, with the aim of organizing work activities for associates and improving their economic, social and professional conditions. Furthermore It aims at facilitating people belonging to socially protected categories and youths in their access to the labour market, trying to ensure stable jobs and reduce unemployment. Arcadia operates mainly in the tourism and culture sectors, managing museums, naturalistic sites, libraries, art galleries, tourist information offices, etc.
Tourism Attractiveness 
While managing the various services, the cooperative is constantly seeking to extend its network inside the relevant local community, creating relationships within different realities, even outside the cultural industry. For instance, it organizes typical regional products tasting sessions inside museums, such as the “Riviera Cuore di Liguria” project , currently active with the purpose to unite culture and traditions. Social networks are another way to promote our activities, through advertisements: a modern tool to virtually reach as many potential visitors as possible through the web.
How we promote cooperatives’ values and culture 
Arcadia cooperative organizes and manages meetings and events in cooperation with institutions and companies, in order to promote and spread the values of cooperation among both visitors and operators. This allows to create a synergy of common intents and goals, in line with cooperative spirit.
Mother tongue 
Languages spoken 
English, French.
Availability for visits 
on a weekly basis
Car (good road connection)
Airport in the proximity
Other facilities 
exhibition areas
recreation and entertainment facilities
Facilities for Disabled people 
ramps for wheelchairs
reserved parking spaces
adapted doorways
toilet facilities

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