Ardora Formación y Servicios Sociedade Cooperativa Galega

Ardora Formación y Servicios is a workers’ cooperative with 3 partners, born in 2006 in Galicia, northwest of Spain. We work in training and consulting, usually in collaboration with fishing associations. Work lines: Organisation, design and teaching of formative activities, services of training and promotion in different productive sectors. We organise courses, seminars, exhibitions, conferences, workshops, guided itineraries and awareness campaigns. We even provide assistance to innovative projects, studies and diagnosis reports, as well as other activities of consulting, research and business advice.
Tourism Attractiveness 
We organized cultural and tourism activities with partners, for children, tourist, university students and general public. Examples: Galicia and Sea Sciencies Cultural Routes (2003-2004, 50visitors/day, 6 days total); Cooperatives and Gastronomy Program, in 8 professional high schools (2009-2012, 40people/day, 15 days), with relatories, cooperative products exhibit and cooperative experiences; Work Life Balance EU Program (2012, 8 visitors from Germany and Turkey, with a meeting and a workshop about our experiences and measures to improve life quality in our cooperative); Mar Achega Program, promoved by the Galician Government to show the artesanal fisheries to consumers with visits to coast villages –port, fish market, exhibition and tasting of products, (2010, 20-50visitors/day, 436 people in all); Educamar Program with students between 8-12 years old (2011, 20-50visitors/day, 347 people in all); Gacstroderias Program (2013, 9 guided routes to visit coastal villages and show the maritime culture and jobs, photo and video exhibit, with cooking and tasting of sea products, 3 days, 60visitors/day); Christmas Sea of Fishes Program to promote local fish markets, provide cooking advice and taste different fishes and seafood, and promote the Coastal Action Groups and European Fisheries Fund (2011, 350visitors/day, 8 days, 3000 people at all). We organized guided routes to visit some galician workers’ and producers’ cooperatives, with the galician workers’ cooperative association
How we promote cooperatives’ values and culture 
We offer visit some cooperatives and enjoy some cultural and leisure complementary activities. Examples: Paco&Lola cooperative, which produces Albariño varietal wine employing sustainable production techniques. Maritime Traditional Sailing in an ancient re-built boat, in collaboration with the Sailing Traditional School Dorna. It is a non governamental association which teaches sailing with traditional techniques. Woman Seafood Catchers in Cambados Association and Woman Seafood Catchers in Poio Association: To learn about the shellfish gathering on foot, the techniques, business model, and to visit the first sale market. José Peña Exhibition Center: a tinned food museum, where the visitors will learn about the history, processes, evolution and different styles of tinned food. Salgadeiras de Moreiras Ethnographic Museum: we can visit the salting fish process, shellfishing, fishing gear, knots, ship’s carpentry, tinned food or marine engines. Montse Betanzos Craft Workhop: The owner developes necklaces, rings, bracelets, sandals, bags with marine shells, in an artisanal work. We can visit it and learn about the techniques of manufactoring. Ría de Arousa Cruiser: Guided route to the coast in a boat with a transparent bottom, visiting the mussels growth platforms. Adro Vello Archaelogical site: it is a group of ruins from the 1st century to the 18th century, with a salting factory, a Roman villa, a necropolis, a church and a medieval defensive tower, located in the top of a beach
Mother tongue 
Languages spoken 
English, Portuguese and italian.
Availability for visits 
on a daily basis
Car (good road connection)
Airport in the proximity
Other facilities 
coffee bar
exhibition areas
recreation and entertainment facilities
sport facilities
Facilities for Disabled people 
reserved parking spaces
toilet facilities

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