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Tourism Attractiveness 
Since 2006, a permanent exhibit is available. It aims at getting visitors to know about the building itself and the economic, cultural and social activities which were housed here. During the visits, we tell the story of the former cooperative la Fraternelle (1881-1984), which was a forerunner in the solidarity and mutual help field with the establishment of a help fund. The fund redistributed benefits to needy people, a unique case in France. This model was named "L' Ecole de Saint-Claude" by Charles Gide in 1902. During the visits, volunteers from the present fraternelle delineate this cooperative history, as well as the values of equality, solidarity, mutual help and democracy which are at the heart of the movement. These visits enable La fraternelle to target adults, as well as school parties or tourists and visitors are more numerous year after year (more than 400 in 2014, school parties not included). Furthermore, we manage the archives of the former consumer cooperative La Fraternelle, but also of two producer cooperatives of Saint-Claude. They are a key to understanding the industrial context of 19th and 20th century in Saint-Claude. These documents have already been researched in articles, conferences and university papers, thus allowing the history of the cooperative movement in Saint Claude and the area to be known.
How we promote cooperatives’ values and culture 
La Maison du Peuple not only houses a cultural association, but is also a place where past feeds inspiration. Cooperation is the key word for the association of whom anybody can be a member, become a volunteer and bring their skills and energy to help this unique place and activities to prosper.
Mother tongue 
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English, Italian
Availability for visits 
not on a regular basis or upon request
Visits in French are organized during every school holiday
Car (good road connection)
Airport in the proximity
Other facilities 
coffee bar
exhibition areas
recreation and entertainment facilities
Facilities for Disabled people 
toilet facilities
Other entity (i.e. association, foundation, etc.)

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