Associação de Artesãos da Região de Aveiro - A Barrica

Tourism Attractiveness 
Every year our organisation carries out several events and activities designed to raise the awareness about the value of hand crafted products. One of these events is the annual nativity scene exhibition, in which all our members display hand made nativity scenes, exploiting the time of the year to enhance interest in both the products and the way they were realized. The last edition of this exhibition welcomed more than 2500 people over a period of one month. Every year, in partnership with the Municipality of Aveiro, we organize a handicraft fair, where tourists can see our crafters' products, watch them working live and purchase their products. We can’t provide an estimation of the number of students attending, as this was an outdoor event.
How we promote cooperatives’ values and culture 
Our organization is run by our members; as such, every decision is voted upon by them in a very democratic process, to ensure everyone is moving in the same direction and increase cooperation and help among us.
Mother tongue 
Languages spoken 
English, French and Spanish
Availability for visits 
on a daily basis
Car (good road connection)
Other facilities 
exhibition areas
Facilities for Disabled people 
adapted doorways
Other entity (i.e. association, foundation, etc.)

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