Sóller Agricultural Cooperative has its roots in the “Sollerense Agricultural Syndicate”, created in 1899 to promote farmers' union, protect their interests, facilitate their crops and fight against plagues and illnesses. Since its creation, the cooperative adapted to the continuous economical and technological changes affecting the sector. In 1926 the cooperative oil press, in 1976 and 1987 two agricultural industrial units with equipment to clean, calibrate and apply wax to citrus. In 1991 the oil press is transformed, following the installation of a stainless steel machinery, capable of continuous extraction of 45 TM/day of olives. In 2007 the second line of oil bottling is set up, together with a second oil press with three independent hammer-mills to facilitate individualized processes and produce high quality products. Nowadays the Cooperative is part of DOP “Oli de Mallorca” and DOP “Oliva Mallorquina”. The Cooperative shop, in gradual expansion in the late years, is an example for many consumers who appreciate quality products and keep in mind the importance of local trade, directly from the farmers. Most hotels and restaurants in the area are among its costumers. Recently, the cooperative invested in the specialization in products manufactured from olives and citrus: table olives, new oils, olive pastes, marmalades, etc., with a modern design. The cooperative currently counts 18 workers, men and women, mainly aged below 35; moreover it relies on 300 partners.
Tourism Attractiveness 
In 2013 the Cooperative organised visits to olive groves and orchards, agro routes, oil tastings, buffets and local products tastings. These activities are organised according to the demand. A total of 25 activities were organised, reaching around 600 people during this period. At the end of 2013, the Cooperative launched the project CAPVESPRE and opened the Interpretation Centre. All the visits and activities aimed at discovering the agricultural heritage are managed from the centre. In the first 4 months of operation we received a total of 847 visits, mainly in groups. We also organised two agro routes: citrus and oil culture, different workshops and activities named “our products in the kitchen”.
How we promote cooperatives’ values and culture 
The cooperative is aware of the value of agricultural Heritage and the need to apply sustainable ideas in the activities affecting the territory. In 2009 it developed the first activities intended to have an active role in culture and environment preservation, the aim which inspired the launch of the CAPVESPRE project. As result of the first years of operation, an old building was restored to host the Interpretation centre. The Cooperative also promoted the creation of an association named “Asociación Capvespre-Sóller”, created in July 2013, to realize and benefit from synergies and encourage community participation to the project. Associations, business owners, business organizations, individuals, etc. are all part of project and interested in agricultural heritage divulgation and preservation. The association is involved in the management of the project. Economic sustainability is an objective which at the same time supports and values agricultural productions. The project is economically sustainable through the activities, workshops and visits which we offer to visitors.
Mother tongue 
Languages spoken 
Catalan,Spanish, English, German and French.
Availability for visits 
on a daily basis
Car (good road connection)
Other facilities 
recreation and entertainment facilities
Facilities for Disabled people 
ramps for wheelchairs
adapted doorways

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