Cooperativa Sviluppo e Futuro Levigliani A.r.l.

The Cooperativa Sviluppo & Futuro Levigliani was founded in 2001 by local youths in order to create a system of tourist accommodation, based on the cultural and environmental heritage of their community: Levigliani of Stazzema. Located in the heart of the Regional Park of the Apuan Alps , Alta Versilia, just a few minutes from the sea, it manages the “Antro del Corchia” tourist cave: the largest karst cave in Italy, having a wide variety of shapes and layers formed in the course of time. As a consequence, the tourism system is enhanced with the restoration of the old mercury mines and the management of two museums. The Quicksilver Mines now offer all visitors the opportunity to expllore the precious deposits . The “Pietra Piegata” Museum retains the expert knowledge and creativity of the marble craftsmen, while the “Lavorare Liberi” Museum testifies and tells the epic story of the Cooperativa Condomini, whose business history, sacrifice and mutuality led to the development of its entire communities. In 2010 a commercial activity was opened in the center of the village, while in 2012 the Cooperative's offer is further enhanced with a transfer service for students from all over the Stazzema municipality. Today the Cooperativa Sviluppo & Futuro Levigliani counts 12 members and 8 employees.
Tourism Attractiveness 
The Cooperativa Sviluppo & Futuro Levigliani operates mainly in the tourism sector throughout the year. Particular attention is paid to educational tourism through the organization of workshops. In 2013, the system managed by the Cooperative welcomed 20,000 visitors.
How we promote cooperatives’ values and culture 
The whole village of Levigliani is based on the values and cooperative culture since the late eighteenth century, with the acquisition and commissioning communion of earthly goods as a result of the agreement reached with the Grand Duke of Tuscany. The men's vision at that time was based on the will to create jobs to administer these same lands for the full benefit of the community, using the principle of mutuality and actually creating a predecessor of the cooperative. Even today a commission called "Beni Comuni", made up of descendants of the ancient contractors, administers the village and all the social and economic activities . Two cooperative have been working in those places: the Cooperativa Condomini, dealing for over 50 years with marble excavation and the Cooperativa Sviluppo & Futuro Levigliani, which deals with the tourism industry, tool for dissemination and exploitation of the area's historical and cultural values. Part of the proceeds obtained from the work of these cooperatives are transferred back to "Beni Comuni", who will reinvest them in Levigliani, for the benefit of its citizens. The work of both cooperatives is particularly important in the workplace for the whole Stazzema municipality.
Mother tongue 
Languages spoken 
english, french, german
Availability for visits 
The structures of Cooperativa Sviluppo & Futuro Levigliani are open all year by appointment. In the summer period (June to September) guided tours are fixed everyday.
Car (good road connection)
Other facilities 
coffee bar
Facilities for Disabled people 
The only visit to the tourist cave “Antro del Corchia”, which is developed with trails alternating walkways and natural soil, is not recommended for people with heart disease or with severe mobility problems.

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