Cooperativa Falset Marçà was founded in 1912. Today it counts more than 350 members, who are the grape growers themselves, and 17 employees. The vineyards are located in the Priorat county, under DO Montsant.
Tourism Attractiveness 
The dramatised visit is the most important promotional and tourist activity of our cooperative. An actor, who is an employee of the winery named Blai, shows visitors the different corners of the cellar (an early 20th-century rural Art Nouveau building) in a funny way, involving visitors and making them smile. While accompanying them, he explains the history of the cooperative. Of course, the visit ends with with a wine tasting session. Last year we received more than 5000 visitors.
How we promote cooperatives’ values and culture 
On our visits we talk about the values of cooperativism and we refer to its history and culture through the explanation of why and how the cooperative was founded and the buliding was built 100 years ago. The wine produced in our winery comes from the grapes growed by farmers, who are at the same time the owners of our cooperative. They are almost 350 associates who still believe in the values of cooperativism as they grandparents did.
Mother tongue 
Languages spoken 
Spanish, English, French
Availability for visits 
on a daily basis
Car (good road connection)
Other facilities 

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