The Handmade Bakery

The Handmade Bakery (HMB) is a not for profit community supporting artisan bakery in Slaithwaite, West Yorkshire. We are a workers co-operative, owned and run by our members. It consists of a flourishing bakery producing more than 1500 loaves of real bread and patisserie each week, and a vibrant contemporary café space. Established in 2009, we are proud to be at the heart of our local community. Currently the cooperative employs eight members and up to 10 part time staff.
Tourism Attractiveness 
The Handmade Bakery pioneered the idea of the Community Supported Bakery. The support of local people committing to a regular HMB loaf on subscription was key to the establishment of our business. More recently, the generous support of local people enabled the bakery to move to its present much bigger premises. As part of this innovative business model, we pay back interest to our lenders in bread. These Bread Bond holders were the first of their kind in the UK.
How we promote cooperatives’ values and culture 
We strive to run a sustainable business and have adopted the principles of co-operative working used by worker co-operatives around the world. Our seven guiding principles are: co-operative membership; democratic member control; member economic participation; autonomy and independence; education, training and information; co-operation with co-operatives; concern for community.
Mother tongue 
Languages spoken 
Availability for visits 
not on a regular basis or upon request
Car (good road connection)
Other facilities 
coffee bar
Facilities for Disabled people 
adapted doorways
toilet facilities

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