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The GOEL Cooperative Group is an organized system of social enterprises whose "mission" is to change Locride and Calabria, which are struggling against the criminal organizations, to build democracy and true freedom in that territory.The GOEL Cooperative Group activities range from health and social services, to responsible tourism with the tour operator "IViaggi del GOEL", ethical fashion with "CANGIARI" and multimedia productions with "GOEL multimedia". Social outcasts and disadvantaged people are involved in all these activities, based on a kind of environmental sustainability. The social consortium Goel aims at coping with and react to the deeply rooted “death system” which governs this territory. Its mission is to push the Locri's land, along with the whole Calabria, to a dramatic change. The main method to achieve this change would be the social enterprise itself. The Social Consortium Goel, along with Calabria Welfare (regional consortium of social cooperation) and Comunità Libere (a non-violent network made up of citizens, companies, social organizations born with the goal of protecting people attacked by anti-democratic and violent power) has made a plea for an alliance with Locride and Calabria against the n'drangheta and freemasonry, in the name of democracy and common wealth.
Tourism Attractiveness 
All tourist products offered by the Goel Tour Operator “I Viaggi del Goel” are responsible itineraries and have the purpose to promote cultural heritage of the area where the cooperative is working. The goal is to connect a disadvantaged area to the rest of Europe and to show local best practices in sectors like community welfare and education. “I Viaggi del Goel” arranged projects for primary and secondary school to put students and children in touch with organic food, like it happened with the initiative “bio is fun”: there were various meetings with farms partners of Goel Bio, the Goel Group's trademark operating in the agri-food sector. The Group has set up a social agricultural cooperative with biofarmers in the area who said "no to 'ndrangheta", who sometimes paid this choice with damages and intimidations. All the products branded "GOEL Bio" are typical, local and bio. They are produced in the most rigorous respect of worker conditions. A fair price is ensured to producers and it is considerably above the average of the local market. I Viaggi del Goel works in the incoming tourism area with groups of 10 up to 100 people, using a partnership with local B&B, agritourism farmer and hotels which meet specific ethical parameters.
How we promote cooperatives’ values and culture 
The GOEL Cooperative Group brings together many social enterprises of the Locride and the Piana di Gioia Tauro areas in the province of Reggio Calabria.The Group manages different activities in the following areas: eco-ethical fashion, sustainable tourism, high quality organic farming, local development, multimedia and communication, social and health services. GOEL is openly against everything which denies the dignity of people and communities, especially of those who are most vulnerable. It tries to build entrepreneurial paths based on environmental sustainability, economic fairness and social responsibility. According to GOEL, ethics should not only be the "right" answer, but become effective in all areas and sectors. The GOEL Cooperative Group has a clothing laboratory in Gerace, an historical town in the Locride area, door of the natural park of Aspomonte mountain. This laboratory situated in Marina di Gioiosa Jonica creates CANGIARI collection, which is the first ethical brand in the high segment of Italian fashion market. CANGIARI’s brand identity: CRAFTSMANHIP AND TRADITION, ENVIRONMENTAL SUSTAINABILITY, ETHICS. The GOEL responsible Tour Operator “I Viaggi del Goel” has as its own mission the promotion of this heritage mixing culture, local testimony of the cooperative movement and ecological trip. The Goel’s entourage, based on social workers, partners and volounteers counts over 100 people in 3 different areas: Locride, Piana di Gioia Tauro and Vibo Valentia.
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