Cooperativa Sociale "La Tappa"

"La Tappa" is a "B type" Social Cooperative whose aim is to create jobs for disadvantaged people. We count 47 members and our main services are: accomodation, gardening, cleaning.
Tourism Attractiveness 
We're promoting natural and traditional agriculture in order to get youths closer to this old-styled way of life. Tuscany was an agrarian region till the 1960s and we think it is important for our future to discover our rural roots. For further information about our project you can visit the following website:
How we promote cooperatives’ values and culture 
Our activies promote the cultural history of cooperatives through the strong cooperation between disabled people and trainers. We think that the real, effective way to help a disadvantaged person is to favour his authonomy through work.
Mother tongue 
Languages spoken 
English and German
Availability for visits 
on a daily basis
Car (good road connection)
Other facilities 
coffee bar
recreation and entertainment facilities
Facilities for Disabled people 
reserved parking spaces

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