Cooperativa Sociale A.R.l. Qualità

Qualità is a social cooperative whose aim is to provide job opportunities to disadvantaged people. It manages Le Vie, a restaurant inspired to the slow tourism principles, and in a different context, it provides cleaning services. Since the beginning, in 2005, the headquarters is in the Venice -district of Marghera- nearby the industrial area and the town of Mestre, where mainly janitorial services are provided to private and public buyers. Since 2008 the Cooperative has been providing tourist, catering and restaurant services in Altino, in the Quarto d'Altino municipality, near the National Archaeological Museum, which is located in the largest archaeological area of the Veneto Region. In Altino, which is an ancient “Venice before Venice” on the border of the Venetian Lagoon, the Cooperative pursues the development of a place rich of cultural and environmental values and, at the same time, it aspires to be a point of reference for social innovation by creating job opportunities for disadvantaged people, pushing slow tourism activities (for example by bike and boat) and giving space to traditional, seasonable and local products in the restaurant. To face the social discomfort, today the Cooperative occupies 12 people, including 4 disadvantaged and 1 weak. The employees are 13,while the members are 23.
Tourism Attractiveness 
In order to promote cultural and environmental heritage and attract tourists, the Cooperative took part in several European partnerships, like Parsjad, the North Adriatic Sea network of 14 archeological areas, and Slow Tourism, an Italian-Slovenian Cooperation aiming at promoting a soft, non-invasive and preserving access to cultural goods. The cooperative is also partner of Laguna Nord Slow Experience, a partnership between 15 companies wishing to offer a wide range of facilities, from the single boat to the biggest European camping, including tourists attending the Venetian coast. Since the Cooperative operates in the archaeological area of Altino, it provides restaurant services to the museum visitors (8000 visitors/year), collaborates in organizing boat tours (3000 beneficiaries/year), rents bikes to tourists visiting the naturalistic area and takes part in cultural events (street theater, music, movies, expositions) promoted by local associations (1,500 beneficiaries/ year).
How we promote cooperatives’ values and culture 
The Cooperative is member of the biggest Italian Cooperative Association. Being a Social “B” Cooperative, it pursues a general interest by promoting social inclusion of its disadvantaged working-partners and taking care of people practicing apprenticeship. Cooperation values are promoted by: - creating job opportunities for working-partners and especially for the disadvantaged ones; - creating networks with other Social Cooperatives (Gea, Macramé, Rochedale) or with Cooperatives whose business is tourism (Limosa); - keeping in touch with local communities (associations, local administrations). The Cooperative communicates its values and activities to tourists through advertisement (web, folders), but especially by meeting them face to face.
Mother tongue 
Languages spoken 
Italian, Englis, German
Availability for visits 
on a daily basis
Car (good road connection)
Airport in the proximity
Other facilities 
coffee bar
exhibition areas
recreation and entertainment facilities
Facilities for Disabled people 
ramps for wheelchairs
reserved parking spaces
adapted doorways
toilet facilities

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