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The scales museum Museo della Bilancia was founded by Cooperativa Bilanciai (main sponsor of the museum) and the Municipality of Campogalliano, an area where scales have been produced since 1860.Cooperativa Bilancia aimed at creating a museum devoted to this tool, which has always been part of man’s life, guaranteeing equity in the commercial exchanges to the extent that is has become the symbol of human and divine justice. Since 1983, after a successful temporary exhibition organized to honor the twenty-years-old Cooperativa Bilanciai, the Municipality of Campogalliano started acquiring scales, weights and measures. In 1989, after the collection had become richer, the museum was inaugurated. Since 1991,it is National Center of Documentation, an institute able to collect, organize and spread documents which enable further knowledge about scales. From 1997 the museum has moved in a house built in the early XVII century in the city center, property of the local wine cooperative. In 1997, 2004 and 2009 the Museum was granted regional funds to catalogue its collections according to National Standards. In 2009 it was recognized by the Emilia Romagna Region – Institute for Artistic, Cultural and Natural services with the “Quality Museum Award”. Today the museum displays a rich, specialized library, as well as a collection of more than 7000 evidences also as a result of private donations: weight tools, documents, printings and photos. In 2013 the museum counted 6577 visitors.
How we promote cooperatives’ values and culture 
One of the main contents of the collections is dedicated to local history from the WWII aftermath, when Cooperativa Bilanciai was founded. It is a very important historical period in local history terms. Indeed, the effects of WWII are still visible and this underlines how cooperation among men can produce results which would be unreachable by an individual. In 2013 the museum counted 6577 visitors.
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