Natures S. Coop. And.

Natures is a cooperative dedicated to nature tourism, environmental education and training. We are geologists, biologists and environmental educators interpreting the natural heritage in an attractive manner, creating unforgettable experiences for our users. We are specialized on Geotourism and Geoheritage. Our cooperative consists of six employees, four of which are partners.
Tourism Attractiveness 
Natures is a cooperative specialized in the interpretation of geological and mining heritage of Andalusia, through organized trips or daily sessions. Our services are available in Spanish, French and English.
How we promote cooperatives’ values and culture 
Our business model is inspired by Natural Areas of Andalusia. We promote the Social Economy as a business alternative, giving importance to quality employment, continuing education, gender equality and quality of life.
Mother tongue 
Spanish and french
Languages spoken 
Spanish, French and English
Availability for visits 
on a weekly basis
Car (good road connection)
Airport in the proximity
Other facilities 
Natural heritage Guides
Facilities for Disabled people 
Natural heritage Guides

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