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Tourism Attractiveness 
The activities of the Institute and the Museum are carried out in cooperation with other partners; initiatives are organized as a result of a shared concept with other promoters, in order to create a sense of membership in scientific, social and cultural fields. One further aim is to build a project of shared citizenship which finds in the promotion of the Resistance ideals the same principles at the heart of cooperation. An example of activities carried out by the Institute in connection with cooperatives is the Festival Teatrale di Resistenza, an event promoted and organized with the support of the cooperative BOOREA. Another example is the “Pastasciutta Antifascista”, an event organized at the Institute with the collaboration of several Cooperatives such as BOOREA, COOP and ASSOCIAZIONE CIRCOLI COOPERATIVI LOMBARDI; the event welcomes every year, on July 25th , more than 2000 visitors.
How we promote cooperatives’ values and culture 
The Alcide Cervi Institute manages the Cervi Museum, operative core of its own activities, and the Emilio Sereni Library–Archive with the private Library of the notable thinker whom the structure is dedicated to. The Institute also manages the national historical Archive of Italian farmers' movements, a heritage of inestimable value for the rural society and the Italian, European and non-European's farmers movements' history. Moreover many events are organised inside the Institute, especially on important dates such as April 25th, Liberation Day, and July 25th, anniversary of the ''pastasciutta antifascista'', when the Institute becomes a point of attraction for many visitors who attend the events with enthusiasm. The main reason for that is because all the activities carried on by the Institute originate from the idea of grass-roots participation and connection with the territory, elements which also inspire the cooperative environment. Again, the Institute works alongside many Cooperatives located in Italy and at the same time several cooperative societies are members of the Institute.
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