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Tourism Attractiveness 
The strategical aim of our LAG and Romantic Coastline is that every municipality in the PBP territory would have a local festival or event, promoting local culture, traditions, goods and natural resources. So we hold about 15 festivals, fairs and events in the area every year. For example, we organized “Cucumber Festival” in Tahkuranna 4 times and every year there were more than 2000 visitors. Moreover, we held 3 editions of the “Baltic Herring Festival”, welcoming about 1500 visitors. We also had the Dandelion Festival (3 years) , Kabli Sunset Festival (7 years, about 10 000 visitors) and many others. They can be seen on our www.rannatee.ee . In these festivals our people cooperate with services, goods, equipment and other things, supporting the organization and promotion of each other’s events.
How we promote cooperatives’ values and culture 
The required information is available in several languages. The area is in a well-known region for Estonians- the regional Centre Pärnu is Estonia’s Summer Capital. The region has 270 km coastline with sandy beaches and beatutful nature, which is not overcrowded. In our area and Leader LAG, as well as on the Romantic Coastline, cooperation and joint activities are highly valued and promoted. Our strategical aims are based on valuing, maintaining and promoting our natural and cultural resources. We also organize regular annual fairs and cultural events based on these values and people come together from everywhere and join the activities, like cooperatives do for those events.
Mother tongue 
Languages spoken 
Availability for visits 
on a daily basis
Car (good road connection)
Other facilities 
coffee bar
recreation and entertainment facilities
Depends on the place where you will stay in our region, also on the time of the year and size of the group. However there is a resort town Pärnu near our area and services for tourists can be found there as well.
Facilities for Disabled people 
If you don´t find information on the website, please ask it in advance via email. There are locations where facilities for disabled people are available.
Other entity (i.e. association, foundation, etc.)

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