Zadruga Buna z.o.o.

"Buna" stands for coffee in many languages throughout the Horn of Africa. It is also a cooperative dedicated to social and environmental responsibility, transparency and freshness based in Slovenia. Buna was created by Živa, Tine and Rene. Živa runs the only fair trade shop in Slovenia and is constantly coming up with ways of expanding the fair trade concept, in the interest of both producers and end consumers. Tine is a coffee afficionado and madly passionate about the quality of this enticing brew, while Rene is researching fair trade and alternative trade practices, always keeping a critical eye on things. Our first product is Buna coffee - single origin, shade grown, freshly roasted, fairly traded, organic certified, reusably packaged delicacy. It comes without saying that it's pure arabica.
Tourism Attractiveness 
Buna coffee is sourced through the fair trade system and comes from Africa or middle America. But as soon as the raw coffee is in our hands, we take a sharp turn from established practice. Every batch is controlled and we roast it accordingly to its needs. We roast in very small amounts - a few kilos at a time, to ensure the maximum possible quality and freshness of our coffee. We have a strict policy by which our roasted coffee has to be maximum two weeks old. Buna doesn't sit on a shelf, getting old and bitter in a vacuum package. The Buna which is not shipped gets used in Tine's café. There's no waste, no loss of taste and we simply don't roast more than we need to. We want to deliver the freshest possible coffee of the highest quality from the best possible source we can find. And we want Buna to spread its benefits on both sides of the chain - delivering fair prices to the producers and high quality to the consumers. Buna offers a different experience of coffee to Slovenians and tourists - we are the only freshly roasted fair-trade coffee providers in Slovenia at the moment.
How we promote cooperatives’ values and culture 
The cooperative was founded by three people, all with different skills and knowledge and we knew that by combining these, we could achieve success. The best way to do that was to set up a cooperative. Moreover we were inspired by smaller producers working within a fair trade system. We promote cooperative as an umbrella to those who want to create, but are unable to do it by themselves. Furthermore, we promote the cooperative as an organisation using its means to benefit all the people involved, not just the selected few. That is why we are organised as a non-profit organization and all our profit is invested in the expansion of the operation and education.
Mother tongue 
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on a daily basis
Cafe is opened every day, but larger groups should be announced
Car (good road connection)
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coffee bar
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toilet facilities

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